VHS Tape Transfers

Let’s face it – VHS tapes are a thing of the past! We all have old VHS tapes stored away in a cupboard somewhere – probably gathering dust or mould and untouched/unwatched for years.

Artisan Media is passionate about reviving those old VHS tapes so you can continue to enjoy the memories they store. Trust us to work carefully to transfer and restore your precious memories and produce them in a modern format that you can continue to enjoy.

We offer a range of services – from No Frills VHS transfer to Frilly As VHS transfer.

If you have questions, or would like to see how Artisan Media can help you, please contact us.

Why use Artisan Media to transfer your VHS tapes?
Transfer with care
We take extra care when transferring VHS tapes. Many tapes are old and have been unused for many years. We ensure your tape will not be recorded to, fast-forward/rewind the tape, and play only once to ensure your tape does not undergo any unnecessary stress.
Chapter Markers
Without Chapter Markers you will spend a lot of time fast-forwarding and rewinding to get to the right spot. With Chapter Markers it is a simple jump forward/backwards. Many other companies do not take the time (or have the know-how) to insert Chapter Markers – we do!
Formats include DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Files
We can produce your footage in a range of formats. DVD-video format to play on regular DVD players, digital video files for playing on computers, and Blu-ray – we are flexible – just tell us how you want your footage produced!
Reasonable Prices
Transferring VHS footage is a very time consuming task. Transferring multiple VHS tapes can become costly. We offer a range of options as well as bulk deals to save you money while also giving your precious footage a new lease on life.
Easy Duplication
Want extra copies of your VHS footage to share around your family? No problem! We duplicate too!
Sturdy, Secure Package
Once produced to DVD/Blu-ray, your disc is presented in a sturdy, industry-standard disc case.
Testimonials from VHS Transfer Clients
We transfered: her parents’ 1960s wedding

“You’ve done a great job of transfering Mum & Dad’s 1960’s wedding to DVD! They were stoked! We were very impressed.”

We transfered: footage of her children in school productions

“The DVD went really well thanks, thank you for making it easy for me to be able to do.
I will look at getting more VHS transferred at some stage once I am organised.

Our project was completed quicker than expected and was reasonably priced.”

We transfered: whatever footage matters to you

“This is where YOUR feedback will go!” Contact us today about your old VHS tapes!