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Psalty: Welcome to the Family

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Meet Psalty’s family: his wife, “Psaltina,” and their booklets, “Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm.”

Psalty’s family shows how we can be part of God’s family, the Body of Christ. In God’s family, we each play an important part to love each other and to encourage each other.

Song highlights include “The Body Song,” “Ha-la-la-la,” and the classic “Welcome to the Family,” which is used around the world for baptisms, baby dedications, and welcoming new church members.

Fun, movement, and an awesome theme.

SONGS: It’s Time To Praise The Lord, Ha La La La, The Body Song, Praise The Lord Together, Just Like You, Joy Joy, 1 2 3 Jesus Loves Me, I Love You Lord, Stand Up!, Welcome To The Family