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Planet Super’s Quest For The Golden Zorbs


West End School 2017

An evil force has been woken from an ancient ‘dabbing dance’. Dab King wants another chance to rule the world! So he comes to Planet Super Hero to unleash havoc once again! Captain Westie tries to defeat the evil force a second time but an unfortunate accident happens where the Evil Dab King zaps her out like a light. A young, in training, Super Hero ‘Westie Girl’ must start to believe in herself and learn all the ‘Superpowers’ in order to save the day!

Luckily Westie Girl has a little help on the way from her Fairy God Mother, a huge Justin Beiber fan!

The Game Master sets down the challenges. Both the Ancient Evil Dab King and Westie Girl must complete a set of challenges – whoever collects the most Golden Zorbs is the winner.

Will evil once again try and send the world into never ending darkness or will good prevail? Will Westie Girl finally believe in herself and use her ‘grit’?

Join us on an epic journey of self discovery, friendship and faith that will leave you nervously gripping the edges of your seats!!

Performed at The Regent on Broadway,
on 25th September 2017.