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Cinderella & Rockerfella was performed by College Street Normal School in July 2016.

This video project involved meeting with the client (school staff representatives) to determine the filming needs, filming using three HD video cameras plus additional audio, editing the footage, incorporating high quality audio tracks into the edit, producing to DVDs, and providing various HD video files.

The school was fantastic to deal with. Staff clearly worked tirelessly to ensure the production would be a success. Students did an awesome job of performing on the ‘big stage’ with many of them displaying immense talent.

Camera positions are crucial for these productions. We are often limited by the venue’s rules, Health & Safety, and by practicality (e.g. not blocking the view of the audience).

View the Trailer video below:

Project Client: College Street Normal School
Location: The Regent on Broadway, Palmerston North
Date: July 2016