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Who is planning your wedding?

Perfect planning prevents poor performance!

We have all heard the saying – which takes a few forms, often using a few ‘other’ words – but how much do we follow the advice?

Those of you getting married – how many of you have enlisted the service of a quality, experienced, insightful wedding planner? How many of you have chosen to plan your wedding yourself?

It is a huge job, planning a wedding. Depending on how big or small, fancy or simple you want your wedding to be, you may be surprised at what you may be missing.

Having filmed numerous weddings over the years, we have developed an eye for details that most couples simply have not. The same is for many wedding planners. We can see ahead of time what will work, what the challenges are, and the solutions required.

Sure – there is the romantic notion that this is the one, special day you want ‘just right’ and want to plan yourself. We get that. However, because you want it ‘just right’, it is important your planning covers all the necessary bases to ensure your day goes off without a hitch – well, with one, important ‘hitch’ anyway. 😉

While we are not actively promoting any particular wedding planners, we encourage engaged couples to discuss their plans with someone. Someone who can constructively provide feedback that will enhance a wedding day.

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