The ‘Missing’ BEST MAN Speech

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The 'missing' Best Man speech

One of the important roles of being the BEST MAN is ‘the Best Man speech’!

The pressure, for some, is very real. What to say. What not to say.  Funny?  Serious?  Should I embarrass the Groom?  Keep it ‘clean’ or spice it up?  Truthful throughout or mix it up with some embellishment?  How long should the Best Man speech be?  Phew… Not an easy ask…

Over the years, we have filmed a stack of weddings.  We have witnessed some great Best Man speeches during that time.  Sure, we’ve heard a few duds but credit to those guys for stepping up and assuming the role.

We recently found this video online. Just – wow! What an entertaining Best Man speech ‘intro’ this would have been for wedding guests in attendance.  The Groom certainly looks like he appreciates the effort the Best Man went to, as do the wedding guests.

Watch this video.  It will be worth it…!

On that day, the Best Man certainly proved he was the right man for the role.

Artisan Media takes no credit for this video. Full credit to those involved though!

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