Her wedding surprise will make you cry

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HERE is a heart-warming, emotional story of a 61 year father who, through illness, was resigned to the fact that he’d have to watch his daughter’s wedding via video rather than attending in person. Doctors re-evaluated him and decided that, with the right support, he could attend her wedding!

READ the brief article and watch the video clips.

Her wedding surprise will make you cry
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PLANNING a wedding can be stressful. Knowing a special person is unable to attend can be heat-shattering. This is but one reason why we encourage couples to have their wedding filmed. Whether couples choose to employ a videographer, such as Artisan Media or they have ‘Uncle Frank’ (with the shaky arm!) film it – the one thing none of us can do is turn back time.

IF you want to speak to us about filming your wedding, or important event, contact us today!