F.A.Q. Your Questions Answered.

We get asked a wide range of questions from clients so here is our attempt to answer a bunch of them.

If you have a question that is not dealt with below, please ask us!

Frequently Asked Questions
What formats do you publish to?
The majority of our clients ask for their event to be published to DVD. DVD still ranks as the #1 format so we produce what our clients ask for. We can also produce Blu-ray discs, audio CDs, and a range of digital formats for direct screening on a computer.
Will my DVD work in our DVD player?
Generally, yes. We use standard format DVDs. Some DVDs are DVD5 (single-layer) – others are DVD9 (dual-layer). If you find a DVD does not work correctly, try it in a different player. If you still have no luck, contact us.

REGION FREE – we do not lock your DVD into a particular region. This means you can share your DVD with family & friends throughout the world*.

*PAL – being in New Zealand, the colour system use our DVDs are encoded with is PAL which is also used throughout many parts of the world. Some countries, such as USA and Japan, use NTSC. While our DVDs are not locked into a Region, they are PAL formatted and may not work correctly in some countries.

Do you Copy-Protect DVDs?
We do not copy-protect our DVDs. If you do require copy-protection, please get in touch with us and we can discuss the options.
What about the audio on DVDs?
We encode the majority of our DVDs with Dolby Digital Audio (AC3 format). This can be in Stereo or in Surround (3.1 or 5.1).

The quality of the final audio is largely affected by the quality of the audio for your event. If you ensure everyone can be heard, then the final audio will be better quality.

Can we order extra copies of DVDs?
Yes! We keep a Master DVD on file and can duplicate copies if you need us to. For bulk duplications (over 50 DVDs), we have a special rate – contact us to discuss this.
Can our guests/audience film too?
Your event is special to you and your guests/audience. We are happy to allow your guests/audience to film provided they do not infringe on our ability to produce a quality product for you. We make every attempt to secure angles/views that work for us – this often requires us to work around your guests.
Do you travel?
Yes! We are based in Palmerston North, New Zealand and we offer free travel that includes a 25km roundtrip from our base. Beyond that free travel area there will be vehicle (and possibly time) charges which are worked out on a case-by-case basis.
Will you attend our wedding rehearsal?
We prefer to attend all wedding rehearsals provided they are at a convenient time. By attending your rehearsal, we get a better idea of how things will flow, where we will position our cameras, where your wedding party and celebrant will be positioned, etc.
Wow! You are expensive! Why?
Actually – when compared to a number of other companies, we are not that expensive and we try hard to keep our charges affordable.

Please do not let the cost put you off. We offer a range of options for paying-off our services – talk with us.

Can/Will you stay all day?
Simple answer – yes. We offer a range of standard packages that stipulate the approximate number of hours we will be present. However, every event is different and we work with clients to ensure they are satisfied with the hours we are present.
Will your cameras be really obvious?
We are often told by brides/grooms “Oh – I did not even notice you there!” We work hard to be out-of-the-way – but, let’s face it, a camera on a tripod can be difficult to hide!
Will you film us getting ready?
We can. As with most things, there will be a cost involved. We have filmed brides/grooms getting ready and this can be a great thing to include with your wedding video.
Can we use our own songs?
Totally. Where possible, we prefer to use your songs – after all, this is YOUR special day!
Do we need to feed you?
Ah – no! We figure you are likely to be spending enough as it is – we will bring our own food/drink. We will use ‘down time’ to refuel ourselves.
Do you work in with our Photographer?
Yes! We have a great working relationship with a number of local photographers and we work hard to ensure we do not encroach on the work of your photographer.

If we have not worked with your photographer before, we will often touch base with them prior to the wedding in order to introduce ourselves and go over any points of mutual interest.

Can we 'pencil book' you?
Yes! We are happy to reserve a date in our diary for you. If someone else asks about your date, you will have the first right of refusal. If you decline, then your date opens up for other clients.
How long will it take for you to produce our Wedding?
Generally 6-12 weeks is what we allow for a wedding. This is often impacted by a number of circumstances – including other work we have on, family commitments, etc. We try to keep clients in-the-loop regarding potential delivery dates.
What if it rains for our outdoor wedding?
In many parts of New Zealand, we are used to ‘four seasons in one day’…! We rely upon you to have a back-up plan should the weather turn to custard.

We are flexible and can go with the flow but we will not put our gear or camera operators at risk by filming in adverse conditions.

Same-day-edits - do you do them?
What do we get for our money?
Every event is different and will depend on the package you choose.
Can you photograph and film our wedding?
We can do either but not both. We prefer video and specialise in multi-cam filming. For details on our Wedding Photography services, contact us.
What footage do we get?
This depends on the package you choose. Generally, we film your entire ceremony and/or reception and you get this footage edited (we cut out bits you won’t need, tweak audio, select the best camera angles, etc.). For some projects, we also produce a Trailer and/or Highlights film.
Where can we perform?
Wherever you like! We will film wherever you choose to perform. School halls, theatres, outdoors – wherever.
Can we use our own artwork for the DVD?
We prefer to use your artwork. After all, this is YOUR event we are filming – we think the artwork should reflect you!

This means you will need to supply us with all the artwork you have used. We prefer to use the same font you have used also – so let us know what they are.

Do you want a CD of the songs we used?
While we attempt to capture the best audio we can during your event, we like to supplement that audio with the original (preferably CD-quality) audio when we edit your footage.
Do we have to use microphones?
This is really your call. The advantage is that your audience will (hopefully) hear things better and it may improve the audio we are able to capture when filming. We have a basic PA system that is available for hire but we encourage you to have a system that allows for multiple microphones/inputs as well as mixing.
Can you transfer any VHS tape?
Generally – yes. However, there are factors that may affect this. Some VHS tapes have not aged well and may contain mould or extra dust – which will involve extra work to transfer.
Will the DVD work on our player?
Generally, yes. We use standard format DVDs. Some DVDs are DVD5 (single-layer) – others are DVD9 (dual-layer). If you find a DVD does not work correctly, try it in a different player. If you still have no luck, contact us.
Do you have a special price for bulk transfers?
Yes. We realise the costs of transferring your footage can mount up. Transferring VHS footage is a time-consuming task but we are prepared to negotiate a special price for bulk transfers – on a case-by-case basis.