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The ‘Missing’ BEST MAN Speech

One of the important roles of being the BEST MAN is 'the Best Man speech'! The pressure, for some, is very real. What to say. What not to say.  Funny?  Serious?  Should I embarrass the Groom?  Keep it 'clean' or spice it up?  Truthful throughout or mix it up with some embellishment?  How long should the Best Man speech be?  Phew… Not an easy ask... Over the years, we have filmed a stack of weddings.  We have witnessed some great Best Man ... Read more

Audio Format

Does audio format matter? Who can tell the difference? We get asked this a lot. We all know the adage - "Garbage In = Garbage Out"... Whether it be food, words, movies, or computer programming - it's true! When it comes to audio for the purpose of video productions, this is very true. If we record high quality audio for clients, it will impact the final product. We regularly ask clients to supply the 'highest quality audio' they have so ... Read more