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Filming weddings, we see all sorts of creative ideas. Confetti has long time been a feature of wedding celebrations the world over. Upon recent Facebook scanning, I stumbled across this fantastic idea from Ben's Bees. The original Facebook Post resides at: If you’re getting married soon, you can make your confetti from leaves. This can be used as an alternative to plastic confetti that ends up in landfills or the ocean as this is biodegradable and renewable. Try this idea with Autumn Leaves ... Read more

Planning a wedding

Perfect planning prevents poor performance! We have all heard the saying - which takes a few forms, often using a few 'other' words - but how much do we follow the advice? Those of you getting married - how many of you have enlisted the service of a quality, experienced, insightful wedding planner? How many of you have chosen to plan your wedding yourself? It is a huge job, planning a wedding. Depending on how big or small, fancy or simple you ... Read more

Audio Format

Does audio format matter? Who can tell the difference? We get asked this a lot. We all know the adage - "Garbage In = Garbage Out"... Whether it be food, words, movies, or computer programming - it's true! When it comes to audio for the purpose of video productions, this is very true. If we record high quality audio for clients, it will impact the final product. We regularly ask clients to supply the 'highest quality audio' they have so ... Read more

It’s all about BALANCE

Life is about balance. There are times when we each have things in balance. There are times when we each struggle to maintain balance. Artisan Media has been a hobby for the past few years. During this time, more recently, we have struggled to maintain the balance - the balance of full-time teaching, Artisan Media as a hobby, along with family and life in general. There simply was not enough time in the day. Today - Artisan Media moves ... Read more