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Lights, Cameras, Action – 2017

As I type this, 2017 has started and we are looking ahead to a year with promise, challenges, and unknowns! I hope you have enjoyed some pleasant time with family and friends over the Christmas/New Year period. My hope is that you are excited about the year ahead and eager to get started! Towards the end of 2012, with the full support of my wife, I made the decision to take a break from full-time teaching in order to see ... Read more

Labour Weekend 2016!

It is Labour weekend 2016 in New Zealand. A long weekend! Yay! If you are travelling throughout this weekend, please be safe. Rest up and stay alert! Three exciting events occur this Labour Weekend... THE FIRST EVENT this Labour Weekend, happening at Eden Park in Auckland (NZ) on Saturday night, is the third test match for the Bledisloe Cup between New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand's All Blacks have done an outstanding job this season and I expect the result ... Read more

Mid Winter Hafla

ARTISAN Media recently had the privilege of filming a local, belly dancing event, 2016 Mid-Winter Hafla, at The Regent on Broadway. ORGANISED by Hipnotize, the evening featured Middle Eastern belly dancing laced with a wintery twist. THIS was my first exposure to belly dancing - other than via James Bond movies! It looks like it would be a heap of fun and a great way to combine fitness, dance, and socialising. THE evening featured performances from: Tatyana (Aisha Belly dance studio), Aaralyn ... Read more

Her wedding surprise will make you cry

HERE is a heart-warming, emotional story of a 61 year father who, through illness, was resigned to the fact that he'd have to watch his daughter's wedding via video rather than attending in person. Doctors re-evaluated him and decided that, with the right support, he could attend her wedding! READ the brief article and watch the video clips. Her wedding surprise will make you cry View the article at: PLANNING a wedding can be stressful. Knowing a special person is unable to attend ... Read more

The same boss

Best Man speeches are usually entertaining and often contain funny one-liners. During the Best Man speech at a wedding we recently filmed, the following one-liner was shared: "Once a man is married, it doesn't matter how many times he changes jobs, he still has the same boss!" Thought it was quite funny. In some cases, true. One challenge to making a marriage work is partnering with your spouse. Sure, one may be the dominant ... Read more

New toys – er, I mean tools

One challenge in the video production industry is to keep up with technology. As with most aspects of modern-day, first-world life, we find technology progresses at a rapid pace. In the video media industry, one of the key questions is "do we make the move from HD (High Definition - i.e. 1920x1080) to 4K?" There is no doubt that, if you have more pixels, the potential for higher picture definition is likely with 4K. A friend, who ... Read more

Audio Format

Does audio format matter? Who can tell the difference? We get asked this a lot. We all know the adage - "Garbage In = Garbage Out"... Whether it be food, words, movies, or computer programming - it's true! When it comes to audio for the purpose of video productions, this is very true. If we record high quality audio for clients, it will impact the final product. We regularly ask clients to supply the 'highest quality audio' they have so ... Read more

It’s all about BALANCE

Life is about balance. There are times when we each have things in balance. There are times when we each struggle to maintain balance. Artisan Media has been a hobby for the past few years. During this time, more recently, we have struggled to maintain the balance - the balance of full-time teaching, Artisan Media as a hobby, along with family and life in general. There simply was not enough time in the day. Today - Artisan Media moves ... Read more