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Filming weddings, we see all sorts of creative ideas. Confetti has long time been a feature of wedding celebrations the world over. Upon recent Facebook scanning, I stumbled across this fantastic idea from Ben's Bees. The original Facebook Post resides at: If you’re getting married soon, you can make your confetti from leaves. This can be used as an alternative to plastic confetti that ends up in landfills or the ocean as this is biodegradable and renewable. Try this idea with Autumn Leaves ... Read more

The ‘Missing’ BEST MAN Speech

One of the important roles of being the BEST MAN is 'the Best Man speech'! The pressure, for some, is very real. What to say. What not to say.  Funny?  Serious?  Should I embarrass the Groom?  Keep it 'clean' or spice it up?  Truthful throughout or mix it up with some embellishment?  How long should the Best Man speech be?  Phew… Not an easy ask... Over the years, we have filmed a stack of weddings.  We have witnessed some great Best Man ... Read more