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Mid Winter Hafla

ARTISAN Media recently had the privilege of filming a local, belly dancing event, 2016 Mid-Winter Hafla, at The Regent on Broadway. ORGANISED by Hipnotize, the evening featured Middle Eastern belly dancing laced with a wintery twist. THIS was my first exposure to belly dancing - other than via James Bond movies! It looks like it would be a heap of fun and a great way to combine fitness, dance, and socialising. THE evening featured performances from: Tatyana (Aisha Belly dance studio), Aaralyn ... Read more

Her wedding surprise will make you cry

HERE is a heart-warming, emotional story of a 61 year father who, through illness, was resigned to the fact that he'd have to watch his daughter's wedding via video rather than attending in person. Doctors re-evaluated him and decided that, with the right support, he could attend her wedding! READ the brief article and watch the video clips. Her wedding surprise will make you cry View the article at: PLANNING a wedding can be stressful. Knowing a special person is unable to attend ... Read more